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Surface_It, with pieces

A46 ARCH 435D - Fall 2012

Pavers are a powerful resource as a hardscape that can mediate the interaction between people and their surrounding landscape. They also offer a sustainable alternative by potentially minimizing heat island effect by using light colors, reusing recyclable materials in its mix and reducing the water run-off by increasing the permeability of the ground. The ultimate goal of this course is to design and produce a set of repeatable units to generate an artificial topography capable of modifying our interaction with the ground.


The seminar focusses on the in-depth understanding and development of ideas based on the technical, experiential and aesthetic exploration of one material, concrete, into a specific application, pavers. Students design unit/s and explore different pattern making options. The goal is to make pieces able to be lifted up by a single person to create a man-made topography. Students learn about the material itself as well as the act of construction, assemblage and mass production.



Alex, Kelsey

Carlson, Matthew

Chung, Sang

Durmishaj, Ledia

Fjeldheim, Alexandra

Glad, Jeffrey

Harrison, Lauren

Luo, Binqi

Olson, Jessica

Paulsen, Billy

Tang, Huichong

Wheeler, Leslie

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