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Compact House

Concrete, including new classes of cementitious composites such as the Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), is increasingly expanding its applications in the building industry. Precast concrete structures using UHPC are inherently resilient protecting against fire, moisture, mold, insects, seismic events, extreme weather conditions and man-made phenomena such as blasts, force protection and acoustic mitigation. This innovative material when applied to building enclosures can deliver a strong, durable and maintenance free envelope while providing a more resilient alternative to traditional methods.

Compact House uses UHPC as part of integrated advanced building technology envelopes. The prototype includes two wythes made out of thin shell UHPC to drastically reduce the wall thickness, weight and cost of the enclosure.  Using modules (rings) the house is assembled as a continuous building envelope, while increasing its integrity and strength. The system minimizes the number of pieces and joints, when compared to traditional precast systems, saving time and labor during the assembly process. The project is a compelling alternative to established conventional construction methods, featuring a robust, reliable, sustainable and systematized product that can directly improve the overall building performance as well as its lifespan.

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