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Solar Decathlon 2017

ARCH Graduate Option Studio SP16

High-Performance Enclosure

This Studio is intended to develop a structural/enclosure strategy applicable to the materialization of a house for the Solar Decathlon 2017 competition while providing students a solid background on principles of prefabrication design. This is the design development phase of the Solar Decathlon design studio. On the basis of the conceptual design developed in Fall 2015, the students continue to explore the design of a complex and prototypical assembly within a specific building system, the exterior envelope.


During this semester, students learn the applicable fundamentals of structure and enclosure systems. Students conduct research and learn the methodology of pre-manufactured construction systems, including theories and concepts of prefabrication, real-world applications, common dimensions, manufacturing process, material and physical properties, assembly, environmental performance and general design issues.

While the studio focuses on the development of the envelope, students continue the design of the interior of the building including furnishing as well as the exterior/outdoor spaces. Students also participate in the selection and study of the mechanical systems and PV panels technologies in conjunction with students taking a concurrent seminar.


Faculty Leaders

Yin, Hongxi / Faculty Project Leader

Moyano Fernandez, Pablo / Faculty Project Designer

Michels, Tim / Faculty Building Systems Specialist



Henry, Chad / Financial Manager

Meyer, Debbie / Corporate Relations Specialist

Chazen, Courtney



Cheng, Kun

Ewais, Vanesa

Hecker, Savannah

Li, Diandian

Ma, Taokai

Malone, Amanda

Zhang, Letao

Zhou, Michael

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