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Solar Decathlon 2017

ARCH Graduate and Undergraduate Option Studio Fall16

Integrated Assemblies


This studio will focus on the design development & construction documents phases of the Solar Decathlon Competition. Using the conceptual design produced in the design studios during F15 and further refinement performed last SP16 as a base, the students will complete the design of a complex and prototypical assembly of a structural/enclosure strategy for the building and produce all required technical documentation necessary for the materialization of the project.

Students rethink traditional enclosure systems by using UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) integrated with conventional precast concrete for the design of the building envelope. Design work addresses prefabrication and mass-customization features while incorporating highly creative and digital fabricated details. The final product responds to strict enclosure-related performance criteria and was tested as both generic prototypes and project-specific design.

Thanks to the collaboration with construction industry manufacturers, the studio includes trips to production facilities to get more familiar with building enclosure materials and systems and learn hands-on methods of executing prefabricated building enclosure. The studio lead the effort to create a 1:1 full-scale mockup enclosure component for the building which will be manufactured by Gate Precast – a key industry partner in this project.


Faculty Leaders

Yin, Hongxi / Faculty Project Leader

Moyano Fernandez, Pablo / Faculty Project Designer

Ryan Abendroth: Faculty Project Manager

Michels, Tim / Faculty Building Systems Specialist



Henry, Chad / Financial Manager

Meyer, Debbie / Corporate Relations Specialist

Chazen, Courtney


Undergraduate students:

Dervarics, Kelly

Hubinek, Jade

Morris, Alicia

Rasmussen, Lucas

Stein, Jayne

Zhang, Tianyi


Graduate students:

Barnstorff, Adam

Bhat, Nitish

Gault, Alexander

Liu, An (Andy)

Zhou, Michael

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