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Furnish_It, with pieces

A46 ARCH 435E - Spring 2018

This seminar focuses on the in-depth understanding and development of ideas based on the technical, experiential, and aesthetic exploration of one main material: Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC), into one specific application, outdoor furniture.


During the course students will propose exterior furniture made out of a combination of UHPC with other materials such as recycled plastic lumber, steel, wood, and any other material suitable for the materialization of the pieces. UHPC enables the fabrication of pieces with unprecedented thinness resulting in the reduction of material usage and its weight while maintaining its strength and integrity. It involves the construction of pieces that, once assembled together, constitute solid, usable, and lightweight outdoor furniture within the campus. This provides not only aesthetic appeal to the students, other users, and visitors, but also allows the possibility of fostering social interaction allowing people to gather and enjoy open outdoor spaces.


The project was executed collaboratively with Anova, a local manufacturing company dedicated to the design and production of site furnishings. Anova provided funding, materials and offered their expertise to the project.




Cai, Zhuoqun

Chen, Rui

Cheng, Xingyi

Davitaia, Nona

Ding, Yang

Kobal, Eric

Li, Yimeng

Wang, Xun

Witschen, Stacy

Wu, Shuying

Yao, Rui

Yi, Ning

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