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Furnish_It, with pieces

A46 ARCH 435E - Spring 2017

When considering buildings and their surroundings, outdoor areas are transitional spaces between the exterior and the interior of the structures. They determine the character of the relationship that exists between the building and the surrounding landscape, the neighborhood and ultimately, the city. Outdoor furniture and hardscape can play an important role in offering a wide range of uses for these spaces. The design of such elements impacts the way people live and experience these transitional areas. The goal of this course is to design and build a set of repeatable units as part of the outdoor deck for CRETE House, the Solar Decathlon’s house delivered by WashU. This international competition took place in Denver, CO in October 2017. The outdoor furniture developed in this course was part of the building built for the competition.


The project was executed collaboratively with Anova, a local manufacturing company dedicated to the design and production of site furnishings. Anova provided funding, materials and offered their expertise to the project.



Best, Graham

Calbert, Andrew

Callahan, Dylan

Du, Xinyi

Kohnstam, Deanna

Lang, Nina

Li, Annabelle

Spalter, Thomas

Yu, Kuai

Zhang, Siwei

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