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Furnish_It, with pieces

A46 ARCH 435E - Fall 2015

Public space determines the character of neighborhoods and cities. It is embedded the urban fabric and mediates the relationship between people and their surrounding landscape. Urban furniture can play an important role in offering a wide range of uses for public spaces. The design of such pieces can contribute the way people live and experience a particular environment.


The ultimate goal of this course is to design, fabricate and install urban furniture to equip the patio next to Steinberg Hall at WashU campus to promote opportunities for social interaction between students and other visitors. Students fabricate urban furniture made out of a combination of concrete, recycled plastic lumber, steel, wood and other material suitable for the materialization of the piece as solid, usable and durable outdoor furniture.


The project was executed collaboratively with Anova, a local manufacturing company dedicated to the design and production of site furnishings. Anova provided funding, materials and offered their expertise to the project.



Ayres, Alexander

Barnstorff, Adam

Gill, Megan

Li, Mingxi

Liu, Shao

Ren, C Y

Shirpour, Fatemeh

Tan, Shuyu

Wang, Yuxiang

Yan, Dong

Yoo, Sungho

Zeng, Chaoyi

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